Solid Separator (New Technology Solids Removal)

The Solid Separator is a new revolutionary product to remove particulate and solids from water.  Other solids removal methods include filtration which is expensive and time consuming to change or systems that require back-washing. This separator can remove solids down to 25 micron in size “on the fly” without consumables and without any back-washing.

Oily Water Separator (OWS)

The OWS is known worldwide as a simple, reliable, effective and affordable OWS that actually works! 5 sizes are available for any size ship or rig.

Combo Separator - the ultimate in separation!

Take a great NEW technology for solids separation and combine it with an age old proven oil separation technology and you have an amazing product that will handle all incoming water and remove oil and solids in the same pass in the same vessel.

Hazardous Area Separator

Hazardous area systems are available for any hazardous area including Class I Div I (Zone 1) or Class I Div II (Zone 2) and ATEX.

Yacht Sized Oily Water Separator (OWS)

The line of OWS systems includes a unique OWS configuration that was designed specifically for use on a Yacht, but works on any small vessel. It features a smaller footprint and an optional white AWL Grip paint system.

Mini Separator (for small boats)

For environmentally minded small boat owners who are not required to have an Oily Water Separator (OWS).

Stand Alone Monitor (SAM) - oil content monitor

Safely and legally discharge water knowing that it meets the discharge limit.