About Us

Recovered Earth Technologies, LLC

Recovered Earth Technologies (RET) is a global leader in the recovery of natural resources utilizing a combination of licensed and patented technologies.

Our products and systems are used throughout the world in the Oil & Gas, Agricultural, and Chemical markets. We have a wide range of systems from Complete Water Solutions to Soil Remediation. RET is a privately held Nevada limited liability company with its headquarters located in 35,000sf facility in Reno, Nevada.

RET is the only proven company in the world that has success in recovering 99.7% of all hydrocarbons in oil and tar sands, and does so with an environmentally conscious process.

We have a proven history of successfully building large scale plants and employing technology globally.

RET Systems

Recovered Earth has successfully developed a series of ‘Systems’ that are directly focused on solving specific problems. RET Systems comprise of combinations of integrated technological solutions matched to specific conditions and requirements. These systems can be static or mobile and can be scaled up or down and come with full training and support.

The RET Process

  • Combination of mechanical and bio-chemical technologies
  • Fully tested and capable technology
  • Reliable and proven systems that produce results
  • Low operating costs