Beach Sand Remediation System

The Soil Remediation System is capable of cleaning beach sand that has suffered from oil / hydrocarbon pollution. The System removes hydrocarbons from the effected sand, recovers those hydrocarbons for forward uses, and returns the cleaned sand back to the original site. The ability to completely remove hydrocarbons is unmatched in the industry, and the relatively low operating cost of the process makes it economically viable as an environmental clean-up solution.

Clean-up Process

This system is designed for the clean-up of oil / hydrocarbon spillages. The complete process can take place on-site. Systems can be of static or mobile construction and can easily be scaled up or down. The system is very durable and able to operate in the most demanding situations and environments. A typical process train could process 50 tons per hour. Multiple trains can process 1000’s of tons per day.

The system uses a combination of mechanical and chemical technologies that cleans 100% of the contaminants from the sand grains and / or contaminated soil. The process involves separating the contaminant away from the sand grain or soil, allowing the oil and other contaminants to be collected or remediated. The remaining water and chemical are separated from the contaminated particle and recycled into the treating process. This closed loop system eliminates polluted discharges of water and other wastes, not generating any tailings stream.

Clean particles are the end product of this process and are obtained without creating volatile emissions or the use of solvents. This is an energy and water efficient process with low capital costs.

Beach Sand Before and After Treatment