Solid Separator

Solid Separator (New Technology Solids Removal)

The Solid Separator is a new revolutionary product to remove particulate and solids from water.  Other solids removal methods include filtration which is expensive and time consuming to change or systems that require back-washing. The separator can remove solids down to 25 micron in size “on the fly” without consumables and without any back-washing. These systems are available in three standard sizes with capacities from 25 gpm (5.6 m3/hr) to 210 gpm (47 m3/hr).  Custom systems can process more.  This new technology does an amazing job of cleaning particulates from the carrier liquid (usually water, but not necessarily). Applications for this technology abound including pre-treatment in front of OWS systems, rig drainage, produced water, waste water clean-up and many others.

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