Oily Water Separator

Oily Water Separator (OWS)

The OWS is known worldwide as a simple, reliable, effective and affordable OWS that actually works!

5 sizes are available for any size ship or rig. They include: 2.2 gpm (0.50 m3/hr), 5 gpm (1.1 m3/hr), 11 gpm (2.5 m3/hr), 25 gpm (5.7 m3/hr), and 45 gpm (10.2 m3/hr). Manufactured in the USA these units are fully certified to the IMO MEPC 107(49) regulation by USCG, ABS, BV, CCS and Transport Canada. Available quickly to ship anywhere in the world.  Supported by a large worldwide network for qualified service representatives.

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